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Precision steel carpentry

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We fabricate steel to fulfill your dreams

Founded 15 years ago in the Luberon, SFML Menuiserie is proficient in all ironwork techniques, decorative and utilitarian. For the past few years, the company has decided to extend their expertise to include top of the line STEEL carpentry . True experts in the assembly of this high-quality yet delicate product, their knowledge includes fulfilling all needs and desires. Our team of Artisans is capable of fabricating custom works that respect both your needs and the limits of the project resulting in projects that exceed your dreams.

Custom fabrication has always been the heart of our business
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The only limit is your imagination

Windows, glass doors, curtain walls, greenhouse rooms, porches… SFML Menuiserie is expertly capable of creating, renovating and installing all steel-based projects. Whether you’re an architect or owner, SMFL Menuiserie will take the time to listen to you to fully understand your needs/requests and to respond accordingly with the utmost feeling.